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To The Church Of The Natural Law.

Healing & Psychedelic Journey

the Church of the Natural Law

The Church of the Natural Law is a non-profit which was formed under the guidance of traditional elders. These wisdom keepers have dedicated their lives to the legacy medicine traditions which they hold through direct lineage. Courtni StarHeart along with Patricio Dominguez and other well-known elders have collaborated to create this non-denominational, global, rainbow tribe Church. Though we are honored to provide ceremonial services with entheogens, we also provide education to our growing family and community.

We hold all beings equal, and believe that we are at a crucial transition in human evolution, where we must learn to respect our planetary environment, as well as our emotional and spiritual environment in our communities. On some level we are all one, and we must function as a community in order to step up into our true destiny as a species. We are learning to come home to the garden again, where we are in harmony with the world around us and ourselves in the universe. We offer monthly Medicine Retreats as well as online classes and local events, in order to grow and share our legacy in  Shamanic Medicine culture.











Hi, I'm Courtni Star Heart

I am the founder of the Church of Natural Law.

I am a traditionally trained spiritual guide, or Medicine Woman, specializing in bridging and sharing lineage shamanic culture. Here at the Church of the Natural Law, we support people in their journey to personal empowerment, by training with ancient shamanic wisdom, translated for today’s modern seeker.

Courtni “Starheart” Hale is a Traditional Spiritual Guide, Shaman (Medicine Person), and Visionary Artist. She has completed a 7-year Residency in Traditional Southwestern Shamanic Practices by Medicine Man Patricio Dominguez (of DMT: Spirit Molecule) She was authorized to independently hold the ceremony and certified in 2008 by the Church of the Spiritual Path.

Why is this lineage Shamanic wisdom so important?
I can tell you from personal experience why.

Our Offerings


The Medicine Woman is Offering 1-1 Guidance for your Psychedelic Journeys
Are you ready to learn more about what an Ayahuasca Retreat is like? Let us walk through the Journey with you.
Not everyone is familiar with shamanic culture or plant medicine, so we want to make sure that whether you come to us or you end up going somewhere else, you’re going to have the greatest chance at success. As generational medicine people (the tribal doctors and spiritual guides of Mesoamerica), the leaders of our church have travelled the world, and studied with the greatest masters available. We provide scholarships for people in need and primarily work with veterans, those in recovery, and at-risk underserved populations.

At the Church of the Natural Law, we come from an uninterrupted Native American lineage. This does not mean we are all full-blood Native Americans, nor is that necessary. What it does mean is we carry the oral tradition of millennia without colonization. What distinguishes the Church of the Natural Law from all others is the time and effort we put into education so that you can be independently successful after you leave our retreat, and when you are preparing. After decades of working with Plant Medicine, or entheogens (bringing one closer to god) we realize that you cannot know what has not been part of mainstream culture. These traditions were suppressed during the conquest and carefully taken by courageous leaders.

We are grateful to be alive and here to share these with you. Ready to get started?



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