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Much of what we understand about how psychedelics work involves serotonin, a chemical that is among the brain’s most important neurotransmitters. Serotonin affects nearly everything we do, from how we feel to how we process information. Serotonin and psilocybin share a similar molecular structure, and work along a similar neural pathway in the brain.
People typically Microdose to reduce the frequency and intensity of undesirable states caused by various forms of mental illness and medical conditions including, but not limited to: Depression, Anxiety, ADD/ADHD, Mood disorder, PTSD, Addiction, Chronic pain and Cluster Headaches and so much more. Or, to increase the frequency and intensity of desirable states/outcomes including, but not limited to: Creativity, Physical and Emotional Energy, Productivity/Focus, Improved Relationships, Increased Empathy, Elevated Mood, Self- Awareness, Increased Sense of Overall Well-Being and Improved Brain Function.

Psilocybin Mushroom And/Or Ayahuasca (B.Caapi Vine) Microdosing is the act of consuming sub-perceptual – almost unnoticeable – amounts of one or both psychedelic substances. Once you ingest your Microdose, it can take 45-60 minutes until you notice the effect. The direct effects of Microdosing is about 6-8 hours, though you will feel the “after-glow” for about 24 hours.

We’re able to customize an individual and specified plant medicine Microdosing treatment plan; in a controlled, responsible and legal manner. In conjunction with medical supervision, guidance, and continued support.

We start by doing a comprehensive medical screening and intake with each client. Using The Medicine Wheel to guide us in assessing individual concerns, treatment goals, Psilocybin, And/Or Ayahuasca (B.Caapi Vine) Strain as well as dosage recommendations. 

Each client will receive their plant medicine typically monthly or as recommended in discreet packaging, with precise directions and strain indicator.

Each client will receive monthly or as recommended clinician assessment via phone, email or zoom to check the progress and dosage, making any necessary changes or recommendations before sending out your next supply.

Each client will have access to help and support along the way.

$75 / month for 16 caps of .1g of APE and .1g of Lions Mane.

Our Offerings


Th e Medicine Woman is Offering 1-1 Guidance for your Psych edelic Journeys
Are you ready to learn more about what an Ayahuasca Retreat is like? Let us walk through the Journey with you.
Not everyone is familiar with shamanic culture or plant medicine, so we want to make sure that whether you come to us or you end up going somewhere else, you’re going to have the greatest chance at success. As generational medicine people (the tribal doctors and spiritual guides of Mesoamerica), the leaders of our church have travelled the world, and studied with the greatest masters available. We provide scholarships for people in need and primarily work with veterans, those in recovery, and at-risk underserved populations.

At the Church of the Natural Law, we come from an uninterrupted Native American lineage. This does not mean we are all full-blood Native Americans, nor is that necessary. What it does mean is we carry the oral tradition of millennia without colonization. What distinguishes the Church of the Natural Law from all others is the time and effort we put into education so that you can be independently successful after you leave our retreat, and when you are preparing. After decades of working with Plant Medicine, or entheogens (bringing one closer to god) we realize that you cannot know what has not been part of mainstream culture. These traditions were suppressed during the conquest and carefully taken by courageous leaders.

We are grateful to be alive and here to share these with you. Ready to get started? Here’s an outline of what you get on our coaching call:


Recommendations on Psychedelic Selection and Prep.

This package is of tremendous value, as it gives you the very rare opportunity to speak directly with a lineage carrying medicine woman who is the head of the Church of the Natural Law. We truly want what is best for you and believe that with the proper training, many people can find tremendous benefits from plant medicine. Beauty and Blessings,

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