First Fridays

Kambo Thursday 7pm-9pm
Aya Friday (overnight) 7pm- Sat 10am

Registration and Intake for Ayahuasca Training and Retreat Tea Ceremony

Next level Practitioner and Leadership Church of the Natural Law.

Step 1:

PayPal, $899, for Medicine & Training

Step 2:

Intake Doc with your info!

10 mins with lots of rabbit holes for research if desired, including documentary with Patricio Dominguez (Spirit Molecule, DMT) and Courtni StarHeart.

Step 3:

Schedule a Call with Church

Step 4:

Get your Workbook: How To Journey with Ayahuasca



Silent Ceremony and Artful Reverence in a Coastal Forest Haven

Silent Ceremony

Kindness and Reverence required. Silent Ceremony. Colombian Taita tradition, some music, much space, beautiful LED Light Art on Silk, 3 bedrooms double.
Small, Lineage, Family Setting in the Coastal Forest with Shamanic Art, Lights, Instruments and Art Therapy with Peace and Love 🫶🏽💖🤠
Medicine is free on completion of training. Antigravity chairs outside, fire pit and porches. Overnight with a sleeping bag optional, some basics provided, DIY service on everything, no plastic water bottles, no phones (we will hold), please wear white and prepare fully with clean vegan local sattvic diet. Notebook, journal and intake required. No ssris, or ant-depressants, pleas inquire about weaning, nutrition, microdosing and tinctures to support your titration if needed! With Love.


Purchase your workbook beforehand on Amazon and dive deep into the ancient system seen around the globe, specially translated to work for you today. FB and IG, as well as a group zoom session beforehand for orientation.
FB and IG, as well as a group zoom session beforehand for orientation.
Courtni StarHeart is the Executive Director of the Center for Natural and Traditional Knowledge and the Founder of the Church of the Natural Law. She is a traditional native guide with 20 years experience, dual BAS, American University School of International Service and National Merit Scholar. Proud to be working with visionaries, veterans, scholars, youth and communities seeking self-development and radical transformation. (Dragonfly!)

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