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New Mexico Retreat


New Mexico

Hot Springs Ayahuasca Retreat

February 16-18

How would it feel to have an epic adventure and personal transformation in a Wild West town, led by a local spiritual guide? 

Plant Medicine requires a high level of expertise and the setting and training will determine how much you get out of it. Would you like to know for sure that you can navigate the bumpy terrain of your inner world? We have a simple system for navigation which we share through immersive training at this Transformational Retreat.

Our ancestors were masters of Plant Medicine and they left us with 10,000 years of knowledge. We want to take you on a spectacular Journey in our homeland, under the vast starry sky of the desert. 
Let us welcome you to the southwestern culture of the Anasazi and the high desert. 

Legendary hideout of Geronimo, this historic hot springs town offers delicious cuisine, healing hot springs on the Rio Grande and red earth Mesas to enchant your soul.

Level 1, $1299, Inclusions:

Level 2, $6799, VIP Deep Dive:

Includes all of the above and also:
VIP Retreats

Monthly Medicine Retreats For Mind & Body

All Participants receive:

  • Guided exercises and Immersive Training

  • Tips on how to maintain elevated consciousness daily in a busy world
  • Overnight Double Occupancy Accommodation
  • Traditional Native Lineage Ceremony for Spiritual Hygiene and Emotional Clarity
  • Group exercise on Mind, Breath, and Journey together for mutual support
  • Sound bath, play with instruments or bring your own, learn trance beats for at home
  • Gathering before Retreat to meet on Zoom “Dragonfly” Toolkit – 4 Keys of Power – derived from global Shamanism
  • Tea in capsules and cold brew or syrup
  • Many quiet spaces, plenty of space both indoors and out
  • Concrete Toolkit for Your Mind-body Integration
  • Access to FB group, Meetup and menu of offerings for further support
Registration and Intake for Training and Retreat (Tea Ceremony)

Ready to Go? Here’s your next Steps:

Step 1:


  • Level 1: $2499 (or)

  • Level 2: $6799 for Medicine Ceremony & Training

Step 2:

Intake Doc with your info!

10 mins with lots of rabbit holes for research if desired, including documentary with Patricio Dominguez (Spirit Molecule, DMT) and Courtni StarHeart.

Step 3:

Schedule a Call with Church

Step 4:

Get your Workbook: How To Journey with Ayahuasca

Shamanic Medicine Retreat

Kambo, yoga, tea ceremony and integration

Meet at Venue (Time to Socialize and get settled)
Orientation, Support Staff Leads
StarHeart Opens Sacred Ceremony, Talking Stick
Light snack made available
(refrigerator stocked, no service, please wash and bus own)
Retire Quietly to Journal
Wake and Prepare for day
Coffee/ Tea/ Snack
Yoga, Ashtanga, Stretch, Breathwork

Sound Bath and Shamanic Drum Journey

Social Time with group
Soak In Hot Springs Solo Relaxation
Free time for contemplation or town
Medicine Walk
Overnight Tea Ceremony
Snack, Gather, Journal quietly
Talking Stick Integration

Departure for Level 1 Participants

“Separate Itinerary Available for Level 2, including days before and after Ceremonies and Safari”

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