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What is Medicine?

Holistic Health, Native Ceremony, Ayahuasca and the Suppression of Natural and Spiritual Practice

What is a Medicine Person, or Native Doctor? What’s the difference between a Native trained Doctor and a “medical” doctor? The short answer is Holistic Medicine,
rather than mechanistic. Both are necessary. But a human being is much much more than a machine made up of parts!
Pretty much every illness can be traced to nutrition (or toxicity) and emotional issues that manifest in the physical. As a Native Doctor, I address both levels of our
existence- physical and spiritual. This includes sweat lodge, plant medicines such as peyote and ayahuasca, and coaching on nutrition and fitness, especially yoga and
martial arts, as well as sustainability.
A Native Medicine Person spends their entire life studying these ways, and continues to learn and grow each day. Every human being who comes to Ceremony is
sacred, every Ceremony is unique and beautiful. Every life, every creature has value, and we see life as an interconnected web of consciousness. Every molecule and
particle has consciousness, as most certainly does our Earth and all the species.
As science catches up with our ancient wisdom, we see more and more that Shamanic cosmology is much more accurate than the antiquated views of human bodies
as nothing more than a machine. We are multi-faceted, complex and communal beings. So much of this has been lost as “science” took over Medicine. Medicine is
something that heals, not just the body, body the heart and spirit.
Natural Medicine was suppressed and a full on assault on all Medicine People was launched on this continent, only shortly after the Medicine People in Europe were
persecuted and exterminated.

The commoditization of Life itself is the hallmark of the era which thankfully is now passing…To turn Life into $$ is madness, and is coming to its logical conclusion.
It’s a dead end street, a lie that was put forward in order to allow a certain class to justify and encourage inhumanity and murder.
This Illness, the Illusion of Separation is a cancer indeed. Its devouring our beautiful home, the only home we will ever have, Mother Earth.
Even Darwin recanted in his second book, and emphasized that the greatness of humanity was our ability to work together, to love one another, to collaborate and
develop powerful cultures that integrate ancient wisdom through story, ceremony, song…

A return to our right place is what we are all missing. Sustainable, conscious communities based on fairness, respect and cooperation. Being Sustainable is not the
work of isolated people — by nature it is a group activity. And a fun one!
We need to learn again how Natural Medicine can help us on the Journey to be a whole human being.


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