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How to Change Your Mind: Beliefs-CreateFeelings-Create Experience!

How Medicine, Ceremony, Neural Plasticity and Miscrodosing Meet.
How do we shift Beliefs? People’s Beliefs have often been long worn into their brain tissue vis-à-vis neural pathways, like the Grand Canyon is deep in Arizona.
Diverting neural networks is a lot like diverting water in an arroyo. The networks of channels in the desert that allow water to flow when it overruns are much like
the neural networks in our brains that transmit small electrical currents (even across water — the synapse) when a message is sent.
People often struggle with changing habits.
Changing feelings and thoughts is even more slippery, and at the bottom of that list of slippery stuff is the actual beliefs that create the thoughts that create the
feelings that create the habits. Shamanism is the Engineer for your reorganization, and can help draw a map of where you want to shift and improve, how to
restructure based on your goals, purpose and talents.
Feelings and Neural Networks
Those pathways have been running like water since the beginning of people’s lives. Early childhood experience is almost always traumatic for us because as we lose
our innocence (becoming domesticated, accepting limiting beliefs), we plug into the matrix and we accept these limitations, which give us dis-ease.
Though they say that “you have no obligation to be the person you were 5 minutes ago”
, the implementation on that is a lot trickier!!
We have to make compromises on certain things in order to fit into a less than humanitarian world, and those compromises are very painful and limiting. The
requirements to compromise and sacrifice come from stuff handed down for generations, and assumptions that things just “always were this way.”
Those beliefs then begin to box as in like shoji or rice paper walls, which seem so solid and yet are thin like paper. They can only be moved if you know how, and if you
know they are there!

Divine Feminine Matrix: The Unseen 99.9%

Scientists used to believe that empty space was just that. Where they didn’t see matter congealing from the vastness of the universe in the form of stars and planets
and light, they assumed that everything else was just empty space.
Those of us who journey into our internal world, when we journey into the vastness of consciousness, we discover quickly that there is no such thing as empty space.
That space is filled with consciousness and potentialities which we are able to connect with through the process of resonance. I believe that the electromagnetic field
which our heart and our neural networks generate are actually the tuning fork or the attractor, the antenna, for matter congealing into experience.
Many of us who Journey with Plant Medicine, especially Ayahuasca,see a Tapestry of Light, like a radiant web, shifting, connecting, glowing, When matter de
particulares. It’s all over Shipibo clothing.
What we call grandmother, scientists like Greg Braden have labeled the Divine feminine matrix, in accordance with old Coptic and gnostic traditions. In the Middle
East at the time when Jesus was alive, there was an order of mystics who worked with different plant medicines in order to expand their consciousness and when
they did, discovered another consciousness everywhere which is the all pervasive night sky (Nut, Nuit) or the Divine feminine Matrix.

Feelings Matter
Modern research shows that it’s actually our feelings that bring us our physical experience. Everyone thinks that the world controls them, but actually, your feelings
about the world and your mind are able to shift the reality around you because whatever we focus on actually multiplies. Believing that reality makes feelings is
definitely the tail wagging the dog.
But tell that to the tail!
As attention goes, so follows energy, and the congealing of consciousness and energy into matter is how things roll down from the void. Our feelings make the
powerful fields that radiate from an activated heart field (1000x stronger than the brain field, see Pearce) which makes the railings for the neural trains to run.
Beliefs form Reality
We Draw our own Conclusions Based on our Hidden or UnConscious Beliefs. Those Beliefs (I often refer to them as Shoji, because they are like rice paper walls that
seem solid, and do block the view of the world, but can be shifted fairly easily), and the the neural networks that hold those beliefs repeating, have to rebuild
Morphogenetic fields (see Rupert Sheldrake) are created by beliefs, and worn into the ethers and the body through repetition. Culture and Ceremony are able to
build these morphogenetic fields, and they are made from visionaries and leaders, who have had this Culture and Ceremony passed down to them through time.

Neural Plasticity
As we have said, Ayahuasca has the quality of neural-plasticity. This means that it allows the body to reconstruct its neurology, and regrow neural networks. In
Herbalism around the world, the shape of a plant typically tells us what its qualities are in terms of healing and as you will see below, different plant medicines’
effects on our neurology looks much like the plant it comes from. Our ideas as medicine people and holistic healers often include a much broader scope than 1+1=2,
and so we have perceived things as shamanic healers over the millennia that science is just now “proving”.
When I saw the photos of the effects of different plant medicine on the nervous system, I was delighted, but not surprised! The way that Ayahuasca works, in terms
of rebuilding neural networks in our bodies, is much like the shape of its vine shooting out long arms and then branching and blossoming in tendrils.
Of course, mushrooms and LSD would also have to have the ability to regenerate neural networks, and now science is. Each is slightly different in its way of making
new networks and almost comically resembles it’s physical form.
(Article at:
I believe that when Ayahuasca, or grandmother, gives us a challenging experience, she is actually laying down the pathways (the electro-magnetic field, or train
tracks) for a new neural pathway to be made. The paths are laid on the energy field first, and the body follows

The Physical
The better nutrition the body has, the more building blocks for the pathway, and the better it can be accepted and integrated into the body. We always advise our
community to take care of themselves with yoga, good nutrition, meditation and exercise. The way we feel has a huge impact on our body.
I’m convinced that a lot of the “empirical” science is backwards. Thoughts are things and even though you can’t see them, they mold the way our brains work. A train
pathway or a road tells a vehicle where to go, and our feelings shape the way our neurological pathways fire, or don’t.
Scientific research now proves conclusively that we can change our minds (the roads), and create new neural networks, but there are many factors which influence
this process. I believe microdosong is of great assistance in this process as I have spoken with many clients I’ve had success. Meditation, yoga, kombucha, fermenting,
supplements, long walks and good rest are key also. A Journal is essential.

Ceremony and Neural Growth
Ceremony is a different form of opening up those new pathways, and it includes a sort of Compass, the Medicine Wheel, which organizes it. The Culture is like an
Architect, which sees the bigger picture for you and redesigns your Mentality to be better, based on a larger vision.
But microdosing should also assist in the actual day to day work of laying down of the rails, the neurons in the neural networks. Kombucha has the amino acid chains
needed for construction, so I consider it essential. Yoga allows the body to integrate the new networks and sneds the energy, or chi, which pushes the trains!
The slow and steady growth which is likely created by microdosing is a wonderful benefit. But it is possible that having a profound experience in a group, in a safe
container full of rich traditions and friendly faces, may have a more profound and lasting benefit in terms of laying out a good plan, well-thought out structure of new
beliefs and ideas which are more loving and sustainable. Obviously the ideal situation is to do both.
Set and setting are the keys to good Ceremony. You provide the set, which is your body and your commitment to taking care of yourself in a loving way, and setting is
the Ceremony, the Compass or Psychological Order, of organizing your new Consciousness.
I look forward to speaking more with you and encourage you to find us on Meetup, ITunes, Facebook, Insta and Medium, as Finding the Force.
Beauty and Blessings
Courtni “StarHeart”


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